Spanish courses via Skype for all levels

All of our Spanish lessons via Skype follow the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). Please, check the levels below and download the course contents.

Contents level A1 Spanish

User is able to understand everyday expressions and aim basic phrases. Can introduce him/herself and others and ask/answer questions about personal details. Interaction is limited.

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Contents level B2 Spanish

User can understand complex ideas and texts about abstract and technical topics. Can interact with certain fluency, produce text and explain a wide range of subjects giving the advantages and disadvantages.

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CEFR Spanish: levels and times

According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), it takes around 200 learning hours to progress from one level to another. Nevertheless, there are also various factors that can affect how long it will take to move up levels, including age, language learning background, intensity of study and exposure after the lessons times.

The information below must be taken as a guide of how many hours you might need to reach each level according to CEFR:

  • A1 level: 60 hours approx.
  • A2 level: 180-200 hours approx.
  • B1 level: 270-300 hours approx.
  • B2 level: 420-500 hours approx.
  • C1 level: 700-800 hours approx.
  • C2 level: 1000-1200 hours approx.

Please, bear in mind that these are guide learning hours, you may need unsupervised self-study hours.

Contents level A2 Spanish

User is able to understand frequently used question or certain relevance (family, shopping, location, employment. Can describe his/her background and make him/herself understand.

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Contents level C1 Spanish

User can understand a wide range of complex information and express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without dubitation in every single situation. Can write any kind of text on complex subjects using connectors.

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Which one is the suitable level for me?

Everything depends on what your needs are. We would like to guide you in order to choose the correct Spanish course via Skype.

Generally, if you would like to learn Spanish for travelling purposes, A2-B1 level would be enough. However, if you need Spanish for work, B2 is just the right level. For those, who need Spanish for Education, C1 is a must.

C2 is a very high level of Spanish that, generally, takes years to be reached. Non native Spanish teachers or translatort should have this level of language.


Contents level B1 Spanish

User can understand the main context quite clear (work, school, leisure, etc.) and communicate whilst travelling. Can write texts on topics of personal interest, express opinions and make plans.

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Contents level C2 Spanish

User is able to understand everything heard or read in every single context. Can express him/herself spontaneously very fluently and precisely as a native speaker, using different registers.

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Do I need a native teacher all the time?

Yes, of course, a native teacher is essential to reach fluency. You will hear correct Spanish without mistakes and you will also be corrected according to your level of language.