Spanish lessons via Skype

Spanish lessons via Skype
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One-to-one Spanish lessons via Skype
with qualified native teachers from Spain. Lessons are structured following the CEFR standards and are suitable for all ages and profiles.

You don't need to buy textbooks! We will provide you with all the lessons materials suitable for your level and needs.

Our bespoke Spanish classes via Skype are the perfect solution for those who have limited time and need an individualized attention. A typical Spanish lesson online is based on developing the neccessary language skills to communicate effectively in real situations of communication.

Together with your Spanish teacher, you will improve your speaking and build a robust vocabulary. This will boost your confident to carry a fluent conversation in Spanish.

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Spanish lessons Spain Skype

¡Vamos a hablar español!

Your new native Spanish teacher is now waiting for you. Let's work together to improve your Spanish!

CEFR Spanish

Spanish lessons via Skype for all levels

Spanish for specifics

Business Spanish, for tourism, etc.

Why to learn Spanish via Skype?

Learn Spanish on Skype
is a great option for those who don't have the time to take face-to-face lessons or live in a foreign country without any or limited contact with Spanish speakers or professional Spanish teachers.

Spanish lessons via Skype are fun, flexible and, of course,highly effective. You will talk from the very first lesson and learn to build sentences in Spanish in order to communicate independently. By having Spanish online lessons with a native teacher, you will able to improve your pronunciation and communication skills really quick!

Learning a foreign language is, most of the times, a matter of self-confidence and this important to us! We will certainly help you out to build by boosting your fluency in Spanish.

There's no substitute for a real learning. No computer programme or app will give you opportunities to speak Spanish in real situations of communication. And of course, you will learn and listen real Spanish from a native speaker teacher!

General Spanish courses Skype

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Spanish for groups

Spanish for twosome and groups

Spanish courses via Skype

All or our Spanish courses on Skype are based on the acquisition of the communication skills that you need to speak Spanish fluently. Thanks to high intensive lessons, you will improve your speaking, listening whilst you acquire a robust vocabulary. This is only can be reached through the interaction with your native Spanish teacher!

We can certainly provide with a wide range of Spanish courses online via Skype or Zoom to meet your needs and request.

General Spanish courses are the more popular options since they are offer for all levels, from beginner to advance. They are one-to-on tuitions adapted to your level and requests.

Spanish for specific purposes (business, tourism, law, etc...) are also provided for those who need to acquire specific vocabulary and language skills for work.

DELE preparation Skype

DELE preparation online courses

Survival Spanish lessons

Spanish for everyday situations

DELE Spanish Diploma via Skype

DELE (Diploma de español como lengua extranjera) is an official exam sponsored by Instituto Cervantes, a worldwide organization in charged of promoting the Spanish language in the world. Nowdays, Spanish is the third more spoken language in the world after Chinese and English and to have accreddited your level of Spanish is just a key feature in your CV.

DELE online courses via Skype will help you, not only to improve your communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but to acquire the necessary techniques to pass successfully the exam.

DELE is offered for different levels, from A1 to C2 and you only need to choose the one you need according to your needs and current level of Spanish. Your Spanish teacher will assess you about this with pleasure!